An Activio solution is not limited to one single room in the club.

All Activio products are prepared for easy integration into one complete heart rate training solution,

covering more or all of the club’s training facilities.


ACTIVIO is a Swedish company which provides performance measurement systems to the fitness and professional sports industries with focus on the global health and fitness market.

ACTIVIO is a forerunner within heart rate and power group training, being the first in its field to offer systems developed specifically for group training.

ACTIVIO’s solutions makes effective, motivating heart rate based training, suitable for everyone. Using the latest digital technology, data is transmitted wirelessly from a chest belt and if selected, anonymously, presented on the personal ACTIVIO Intensity Meter.

ACTIVIO’s solutions provides individuals, during group training, with a unique workout experience and a valuable tool in determining the correct exertion level for optimizing training results – helping individuals to exercise with greater quality and precision.

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